We are rebuilding the global internet onchain.


M31 Capital was founded by former Bridgewater Associates COO, Michael Swensson, and early Bitcoin adopter, Nathan Montone, to accelerate the transition from the internet’s 2nd phase to its 3rd. Since 2011, our team has been at the frontier of groundbreaking innovations in Web3 & AI as some of the earliest investors, users, and builders of these technologies in the world. Today, we manage capital on behalf of many of the top investors in the world through our institutional-grade funds, providing exposure to the most advanced Blockchain & AI technologies.


The global internet is a massive net benefit to humanity, but it has failed to deliver on a lot of its most important promises: open protocols, peer-to-peer communication, user privacy, decentralization, and more. For the internet to reassert the importance of those properties, they must be encoded as the default setting. Rearchitecting the global internet on Blockchain technologies secures these values, enables the infrastructure to scale massively, and for the first time allows users to fully capture the value they create online.

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Humanity’s newest tool, AI, represents one of the most powerful technological leaps in our species’ history, and together with Blockchain technology has the greatest potential to advance our civilization. Their similarities include immense computational intensity (Web3 ASICs & AI CPUs), the use of tokens to incentivize resource allocation (Web3 user ownership & AI RLHF), and the shared concepts of machines replacing humans (Web3 smart contracts & AI Agents/GPTs). But AI represents remarkable computational speed, where Blockchain tech represents remarkable computational security. This difference creates the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. AI needs Blockchain tech to solve inherent hardware limitations in Web2, to safeguard against monopolistic control of centralized AI, and to unlock the full potential of digital AI agents by connecting them to digital payment solutions that are entirely deterministic, and run 24/7/365 like BTC.

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M31 Capital exists to support advanced technologies building the rapidly emerging, user-owned Internet. We invest primarily at the intersection of AI & Blockchain which we believe are the two most powerful technological breakthroughs of our lifetimes. When paired together, they will catapult humanity into a prosperous future.