Yashwant Choudhary

Investment Analyst

Yashwant is a researcher and investment analyst specializing in DeFi, SocialFi, and Scenecoins (cultural coins). He is currently expanding his expertise by learning SQL and on-chain data scraping.

Previously, Yashwant has gained experience in both community and research roles. His journey began with participation in hackathons, where his team won the Best B2C Project at ETHIndia 2022 and earned a bounty from the Ethereum Foundation at ETHIndia 2023. Additionally, he joined Chainlink as a community advocate, spreading knowledge through local community events. Yashwant has also worked as a research intern at Aerius Labs and Nirvana Research.

Yashwant completed his higher education at RCCA, earning a BBA degree. By day, he works as a researcher, and by night, he revs engines, showcasing his passion for both academia and automotive pursuits.