Vishy Tirumalashetty

Chief AI Officer

Vishy Tirumalashetty is a distinguished leader in enterprise AI and research, currently serving as a key member at M31 Capital. In his role, Vishy is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of advanced AI strategies, leveraging his extensive experience to drive innovation and growth within the firm’s portfolio. He plays a pivotal role in identifying and investing in cutting-edge AI technologies, ensuring M31 Capital remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Before joining M31 Capital, Vishy enjoyed a nearly decade-long career at Google AI, where he served as the Head of Product for Google Cloud AI’s Vertex GenAI Media Platform. He led a team responsible for multi-year product strategies, technical roadmaps, execution, user experience, go-to-market strategies, and business initiatives. Vishy oversaw the development of four generations of Cloud AI Platforms, including the GenAI Media portfolio, which includes Image, Video, Audio, and Gemini Multimodal technologies. These platforms, adopted by thousands of enterprises and developers, significantly boosted Google Cloud AI’s revenue. Prior to Google, Vishy was a Lead Engineer at Itron, where he played a key role in researching and evaluating new products and driving policies for the launch and scale of utility technologies.

Vishy Tirumalashetty has a strong academic background in AI and technology, specializing in AI and machine learning. This education provided the technical skills and knowledge that have driven his professional success. Vishy’s dedication to learning and excellence is reflected in his achievements in both academia and the tech industry.