Mason Jappa

Data Center Operations

Mason Jappa is a Managing Partner at M31 Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. With his extensive expertise, Mason identifies promising opportunities, offers strategic guidance to portfolio companies, and fuels growth in the blockchain ecosystem. Under his leadership, M31 Capital has emerged as a key player in digital asset investments, poised for ongoing success in the dynamic blockchain landscape.

Before M31 Capital, Mason founded and led Blockware, focusing on blockchain infrastructure and mining. He drove initiatives for scalability and security, overseeing operations. Earlier, at CH4 Capital, he identified and executed investments in emerging tech, cementing his reputation as a visionary leader in blockchain.

Mason studied at Indiana University, where he mastered business fundamentals and sharpened his analytical and strategic abilities. His academic journey equipped him with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in finance and technology. Mason’s commitment to ongoing learning and pursuit of excellence have played pivotal roles in his successful career path in blockchain and venture capital.