Ellis Osborn

Investment Analyst

Ellis Osborn is an Investment Analyst at M31 Capital and an active member of the M31 Academy. His focus is infrastructure including verifiable compute, decentralized cloud, and storage services, as well as cryptographic primitives for distributed systems. His analytical skills and hands-on project development experience drive contributions to the M31 team. 

Ellis currently serves as the Director of Investments at FranklinDAO (UPenn), where he is honing his investment analysis skillset and enjoys attending blockchain conferences with his peers. When he returns to South Florida, he adjusts and adds new hardware to his S9 and S19j Bitcoin farm. Together, these investment and operational experiences have provided Ellis with a unique blend of theoretical and practical insights into blockchain technology.

Ellis is currently a sophomore at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he is furthering his education in finance and computer science. Beyond his academic and professional endeavors, he is a dedicated biohacker and competitive powerlifter. Ellis competes alongside his father, and they are ambitiously working towards achieving a 600-lb deadlift. His diverse interests and relentless pursuit of excellence define his dynamic and multifaceted approach to his career and personal life.